Digger, Todd Fiander


Countless trails, north shore gnar and tales of legendary rides.

Digger is one of the original trail builders that gave the North Shore it’s legendary status in the mountain biking world. Digger is selling mountain bike tshirts and merch

“Instead of riding down the road, we found a trail. This was the only trail that was up there, so we rode down it and then made a little short cut over something we couldn’t ride over and I thought, Oh, that’s cool – now we can ride down the whole way,”

Digger History

Digger Gear

A North Shore Original.

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North Shore Extreme

The movies that defined the North Shore. Features built by Digger, shot by Digger, and ridden by a crew of the original gnar blasters.

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Digger and the nsmba

In 1997 Digger was part of the group that spear headed the formation of the nsmba. It was formed as a response to trail sabotage on mountain bike-specific trails on the North Shore. A perceived threat to public access to mountain biking trails on the North Shore from land managers and encroaching residential developments also served as a catalyst for the formation of the organization.


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