A bit of Digger history

Todd Fiander, Digger


First mountain bike trails built on Mt. Fromme

Early 1990s

Digger builds Cross Cut, Big Eye, and Grannies trails

Digger builds the world’s first mountain bike teeter totter

Tetter Totter, The North Shore British Columbia

Late 1990s

Monster, the first mountain bike roller coaster is built

Ride the Monster on Lower Ladies trail


Ladies Only trail is completed


Lower Ladies trail is completed


North Shore Extreme Volume 1 is released

North Shore Extreme

The North Shore Mountain Bike Association is formed


Dangerous Dan’s Flying Circus is built

Flying Circus, The North Shore, British Columbia


North Shore Extreme Volume X is released

North Shore Extreme Video


Ladies Only celebrates its 20th anniversary


The Moment documentary is released

The birth of North Shore and free ride movements get their due with the release of ‘The Moment’ documentary.

Present Day

Digger is a huge presence on the North Shore, working on the trails and providing guidance for the up-and-coming generation of trail builders.

Digger Gear

A North Shore Original.

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